Name:                                               Edoardo Boncinelli

Place & date of birth :                    Rhodos, Greece, 18 May 1941

Nationality :                                     Italian

Home Address :                              Via G Pascoli 60, 20133 Milan, Italy

Position :                                          Full professor of Biology and Genetics, University Vita-Salute, Via Olgettina 60, 20135  Milan, Italy

Studies :                                             Graduated in Physics, University of Florence.


Academic and scientific career

1968-1991:                   CNR research position, International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, Naples.

1991-2000:                   CNR senior scientist, Center for Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, Milan.

1974-1975:                   Associate Professor of Population Genetics, Faculty of Science, University of Naples.

1976-1986:                   Associate Professor of Human Genetics, First Medical School, University of Naples.

1996-2001:                    Professor of Genetics & Biology, University Vita-Salute, Milan.  

2000-:                            Full Professor Genetics and Biology.

2001-2004:                    Director, SISSA-ISA, International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste

2005:                             EMBO Award for Communication in the Life Sciences



Memberships:             EMBO (1988), Academia Europaea (1995), HUGO (1997), EMBO Council (1997-2002).

Editorial Board:            Mechanisms of Development (1990-), EMBO Journal (1993-1995), Experimental Cell Research (1994-2000), Human Molecular Reproduction (1995-2000), Gene (1996-2005), NeuroPsychoanalysis (2000-), BMC Neuroscience (2000-), Lingue e Linguaggio (2002-)


Scientific interests

1966-1967:                   Postgraduate work on two-quanta radiation processes.

1968-1974:                   Genetic analysis of rDNA at the bobbed locus of D. melanogaster.

1975-1977:                   Genetics and Biochemistry of position effect in D. melanogaster.

1978-1981:                   Molecular investigation of the internal repeats of the fruit fly rDNA non-transcribed spacer.

1982-1984:                   Organization of human rDNA. Non canonical Class I HLA genes in normal and neoplastic tissues.

1985-1991:                   The human HOX homeobox gene family. Structural and temporal colinearity. Sequential activation of HOX genes.

1992-1996:                   Isolation and characterization of Evx, Dlx, Otx and Emx homeobox genes. Role of Otx genes in early mouse, frog, chick and zebrafish embryos and in planaria regeneration.

1997-2001:                    Emx genes in the developing cerebral cortex. Emx2 mutations in the human congenital cortical defect schizencephaly. Emx2 in proliferation, migration and regionalisation of the cerebral cortex.

2001-:                            Cognitive Neuroscience and Public Understanding of Science.

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